Re: [eigen] Plans for 3.3.5 release?

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I'm very glad you asked that, I would also be very curious and would love to hear/know more.

Particularly I would be interested in:

* What's the roadmap for switching to using more of C++11/14 by default (or even C++17), deprecating older compilers - even fully move to C++11/14?
  (potentially solving issues like

* What's the status and plans of the unsupported/Tensor module? I think this is in active use by Google for TensorFlow, is it not? Given that, I am a bit surprised that it is still an "unsupported" module..

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On 28 April 2018 at 13:45, Stephen McDowell <sjm324@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It has been a while since a new official release of Eigen.  I am curious if there is a planned release for 3.3.5.

I see that the current version is 3.3.90:

Does this mean that the next intended release is Eigen 4?

To be clear, installing newer Eigen is very easy.  It would be nice to add a new official release to package managers (e.g. for CUDA 9 support), but that’s not why I’m really asking.  I’m curious about the larger picture of Eigen and releases, and thought people here would know what direction things are moving in :)

Is there anything users can do to help test would-be future releases?  For example, building common projects that use Eigen such as OpenCV?

Thank you for any thoughts.


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