[eigen] New project based on Eigen -- complex exponential bug?!

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Hello Eigen developers,

first of all thanks for your great work. We are using Eigen3 in our simulation project [1], so I thought you might want to include in the list of related projects.

However, there is one issue I encountered: We have to calculate the exponential of complex eigenvalues, which are stored in a Eigen::Array<std::complex<double> >. The elementwise exp function of the Array class partially returned NaN's, whereas creating a wrapper for std::exp and passing it to the unaryExp function of Matrix<std::complex<double> > worked perfectly fine.

It seems I can't register to Bugzilla. If you create an account for me, I'd be happy to create a bug and provide further information.

Keep up the good work!

Regards, Michael

[1] mbsolve: An open-source solver tool for the Maxwell-Bloch equations. https://github.com/mriesch-tum/mbsolve

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