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Eigen generates lots of warnings unless you install it in a special directory and use a system flag for that directory; for example, see SYSTEM on
and -isystem on

On 07/21/2017 02:01 PM, Matt Richardson wrote:
Sorry, but I also forgot one other warning, which is here:

      IsAligned = bool(EIGEN_MAX_ALIGN_BYTES>0) & !(Options_&DontAlign),

In unsupported/Eigen/CXX11/src/Tensor/Tensor.h

The warning is about potential confusion over the operator precedence
with the & (don’t ask me why this is somehow confusing). Changing it to
this removes the warning:

      IsAligned = (bool(EIGEN_MAX_ALIGN_BYTES>0)) & !(Options_&DontAlign),

In both cases, I’m compiling with MSVC 2015.


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This function in unsupported\Eigen\CXX11\src\Tensor\TensorDeviceCuda.h
(lines 290-292):

EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE int sharedMemPerBlock() const {

  return stream_->deviceProperties().sharedMemPerBlock;


Is causing a compile warning (about the conversion from size_t to int)
for me. I don’t have access to Bugzilla to report the bug. Is it
possible to change the return type to size_t?



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