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I wanted to ask whether it could be considered to set up an official
read-only git / GitHub mirror of the mercurial Eigen repository.

The reason for this is that it would be great to be able to include
eigen as a git submodule into existing projects. Currently, this is
not as easy as it should be.

One can use one of the few inofficial mirrors like
https://github.com/RLovelett/eigen, but then the issue is trust - do
you trust that repo to not be modified? Possibly malicious? And all
users of my library will have to trust this repo as well because it
will be cloned alongside mine. Not an option for many. That aside, you
never know at what point that user will stop mirroring/updating. Other
solutions include git-hg (and similar tools) but none of them is
really actively developed/maintained and it's not ideal. Putting
Eigen's source code directly into your own repo is also not ideal, and
downloading the zip via CMake download or external_project_add is not
ideal either. The most straightforward and hassle-free way for
everybody using git/GitHub is git submodule.

What therefore would be great to have is an official, probably
read-only, mirror of the mercurial eigen repo, that is updated nightly
or something like that. I don't think this would create much
additional maintenance burden, and it would be a huge gain for using
Eigen, as I am sure many people using Eigen are using git.

(I was trying to search the archives if this topic has been discussed
before but search.gmane.org returns a DNS error on my machine -
http://search.gmane.org/?query=git&group=gmane.comp.lib.eigen - it's
not impossible my Uni's connection is acting up.)

Thank you and best regards,


Patrik Huber, Research Fellow
Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing
University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH
United Kingdom

Web: www.patrikhuber.ch

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