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Restrict is actually supported in one way or another by all major C++ compiler. So using it makes sense as lots of other scientific applications are using it (and Intel suggests to use it even in C++ code).


2016-12-08 13:44 GMT+00:00 Francois Fayard <fayard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Isn't that something where one would rather use (non-standard) __restrict__?

It is indeed an aliasing problem. But the restrict keyword won’t help here. It has been designed for C, not for C++. There is some discussion on integrating a “restrict" keyword in C++ that works well with struct, but it is not there yet (not even in C++17).

Storing the size of the matrix as a pointer is the best way I know on doing it. For instance, compilers can vectorize std::vector because they do not store their size as an integer, but as a pointer.

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