[eigen] matrix_exp_compute LDBL_MANT_DIG > 112

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I'm implementing a matrix exponential function in the language Stan (mc-stan.org), based on Eigen's implementation in Unsupported. I wanted to ask about the following C macro in this file (lines 345 - 353).

#if LDBL_MANT_DIG > 112 // rarely happens
  typedef typename traits<MatrixType>::Scalar Scalar;
  typedef typename NumTraits<Scalar>::Real RealScalar;
  typedef typename std::complex<RealScalar> ComplexScalar;
  if (sizeof(RealScalar) > 14) {
    result = arg.matrixFunction(internal::stem_function_exp<ComplexScalar>);

I understand it is meant for the case where the machine bites is higher than 112, but I don't get what 

result = arg.matrixFunction(internal::stem_function_exp<ComplexScalar>; 

does. Looking at stem_function_exp, the function seems to only return std::exp.

Clarification would be very helpful. Thank you very much!


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