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On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 9:50 PM, Alexander Voigt <alexander.voigt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Btw., there was one small drawback that we came across at some point:
If the matrix expressions become too complex, then the compilation
might need more memory than you have and you machine might start
swapping.  In such a case, the only solution we found was to split the
_expression_ into pieces and finally add them together again.  But that
problem might go away in the future when compilers become smarter and
computers have more memory (more than 100 GB at least).  :)


We've already experienced that at the level of a complete unit test, where instantiating many different solvers can consume a lot of memory, but at the level of a single _expression_... those must really be extremely complicated.

Eigen 3.3, is not going to help on this matter, rather the opposite :(


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