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Dear Gael and Christoph,

Am 19.09.2016 um 17:02 schrieb Christoph Hertzberg:
Hm, I'm not really sure about how much difference this will actually make in practice (either for better or for worse).
The difference it made for Peter seemed only to occur with his special type (I did not catch very much detail about that).

Overall, I guess the best solution would be to find test cases which demonstrate an advantage (or at least a difference) for either implementation.

I'm definitely not an expert on Househoulder transformation and my suggestion is only based on my specific use case,
which is any ways just some experimental study. Therefore I really do not know which version is to be preferred.

Currently I'm overloaded with the typical after-summer-holiday-pile-of-work.
Once I'm through with that, I can go back and play a little with it to get a deeper understanding, possibly creating test examples.

Best regards,

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