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Dear Gael,

Am 22.07.2016 um 23:38 schrieb Gael Guennebaud:
> Hi,
> funny, I faced the same issue today in our boost::multiprecision unit test:

Funny enough, I recently found an issues with boost::multiprecision giving wrong results in eigen.
In case you are interested I could try to look it up. I didn't care too much as boost::multiprecision turned out
to be pretty slow, while mpfr is fast and correct.

Am 22.07.2016 um 23:48 schrieb Gael Guennebaud:

this is the only place where casting to int is required. For complex<Real>, epsilon returns a Real, so no big deal.

Thanks for the clarification. If it's just for nice formatting of the output then it makes sense to me.

Best regards,

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