Re: [eigen] patch with compile fix for gcc-4.1.2

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wow, there are still users of gcc 4.1!

anyway, thanks for the patch (I've just applied it), good to known that the required fixes are so small.


On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 5:58 PM, Thomas Klimpel <jacques.gentzen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

the attached patch is a harmless compile fix for gcc-4.1.2. The SFINAE variant apparently didn't work on that old compiler (2006), but the SFINAE variant used in all other files also works on gcc-4.1.2, so it should be save to also use the same variant here too.

(I used "hg export XXX". The patch doesn't mention the branch, perhaps because it is the "default" branch.)


P.S.: If you really want to know the error message, here is the first one (an identical one for SparseProduct.h:60 says exactly the same thing):

../eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/SparseCore/SparseProduct.h:48: error: expected , or ... before > token
/homes/elephant/klimpel/GenISysPool/trunk/3rdParty/include/eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/SparseCore/SparseProduct.h:60: error: expected , or ... before > token
../eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/SparseCore/SparseProduct.h:48: error: wrong number of template arguments (1, should be 2)
../eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/Core/util/Meta.h:53: error: provided for template<class T, class U> struct Eigen::internal::is_same
../eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/SparseCore/SparseProduct.h:48: error: template argument 1 is invalid
../eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/SparseCore/SparseProduct.h:48: error: expected nested-name-specifier
../eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/SparseCore/SparseProduct.h:48: error: expected `('
../eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/SparseCore/SparseProduct.h:48: error: expected ,
../eigen-3.3/Eigen/src/SparseCore/SparseProduct.h:48: error: default argument missing for parameter 5 of static void Eigen::internal::generic_product_impl<Lhs, Rhs, Eigen::SparseShape, Eigen::SparseShape, ProductType>::addTo(Dest&, const ActualLhs&, const Rhs&, int*, Eigen::DenseShape)

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