[eigen] abs/maxCoeff/sum is not a member of EigenCwiseBinaryOp

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The default branch produces errors of the sort "XXX is not a member of EigenCwiseBinaryOp" (on MSVC 2010), since a commit from 6. June.
Are those errors expected/known (today is the 24. June)? Are they laborious to fix (i.e. require a huge amount of changes to complete a refactoring to a new design)?


I'm talking about the following commit:

Gael Guennebaud
 committed b8b8c42 2016-06-06

Relax mixing-type constraints for binary coefficient-wise operators:
- Replace internal::scalar_product_traits<A,B> by Eigen::ScalarBinaryOpTraits<A,B,OP>
- Remove the "functor_is_product_like" helper (was pretty ugly)
- Currently, OP is not used, but it is available to the user for fine grained tuning
- Currently, only the following operators have been generalized: *,/,+,-,=,*=,/=,+=,-=
- TODO: generalize all other binray operators (comparisons,pow,etc.)
- TODO: handle "scalar op array" operators (currently only * is handled)
- TODO: move the handling of the "void" scalar type to ScalarBinaryOpTraits

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