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There is no configuration step, everything is adjusted from system/compiler predefined macros. So the only difference between the source Eigen folder and the cmake installed one is that there is no CMakeLists..txt files in the installed version.


On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 10:01 PM, Patrick Snape <patricksnape@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We are developing some automated builds for the Python ecosystem over at conda-forge ( In particular, we would like to add an Eigen package ( 

I've used Eigen before, but never had to distribute it. Obviously Eigen is header only - however, I know that Eigen does behave differently depending on the compiler used to build a project that relies on it. Therefore, does the CMake Eigen install depend on the compiler? Do we need a build matrix for every Python version that uses the various compilers that match the shipped Python distributions - or do we just need a single build per platform (to put the headers in the correct folder)? 

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