Re: [eigen] Eigen::Ref and GCC's -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant

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On 2016-03-04 09:00, Marc Glisse wrote:
NULL should not be used in C++. In C++11, there is nullptr, but Eigen
still supports C++03. In the warnings you mention, some code could be
changed (ptr == 0 --> !ptr), but some would be much uglier (initializing
something to 0, returning 0).

We could define a macro EIGEN_NULLPTR to be nullptr or 0, depending on the used standard and use that everywhere. I'm not aware of any C++03 compatible way to suppress this warning. E.g., the following definition of a C++03-nullptr would generate the warning itself:

The usual trick when you want to see warnings in your code but not in a
library you are using is to specify the path to that library with
-isystem instead of -I. This inhibits most warnings for files in that path.

Yes, that's the common workaround -- or we could disable this warning inside Eigen. But we generally try to generate no warnings inside Eigen (at least for somewhat reasonable warnings).


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