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Last week Google opened up its TensorFlow framework for Deep Learning (DL).
DL is one of the hottest topics (if not THE hottest) right now since it is has provided empirically superior tools for machine learning. Google's offering is sure to make a big impact and shape the landscape of DL for years to come.

I have not seen any announcement of this on the list. Perhaps Benoit Steiner is too humble to give himself accolades.

From [1],  "We make fairly extensive use of the open-source Eigen
linear algebra library [25] for many of the kernel implementations
in the system. As one part of the development
of TensorFlow, our team (primarily Benoit Steiner)
has extended the open source Eigen library with support
for arbitrary dimensionality tensor operations."

Way to go Benoit!
Way to go Eigen!

[1]  http://download.tensorflow.org/paper/whitepaper2015.pdf
[25] Benoıt Jacob, Gael Guennebaud, et al. Eigen library for ¨linear algebra. eigen.tuxfamily.org

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