Re: [eigen] when CUDA can be supported by Eigen

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If you need Eigen CUDA interfacing, uploading Eigen Vectors/Matrices and so on
(its only interfacing , uploading, downloading Host/GPU stuff, nothing about matrix mulitplication.)

Loook at:

especially the CudaModern stuff in:

You could use CudaModern, to upload Eigen matrices to GPU buffers and then use cuBlas for your operations, and then download them to the host ram :-)

(at: there is also a matrix mulitplication included, and tests..., but I would go with official CUBLAS stuff)


On 06/04/2015 02:55 PM, Yinggong ZHAO wrote:


I implemented an neural network tool for natural language processing. However, currently Eigen only supports CPU matrix operation. I tried to implement some matrix function under CUDA. This is totally messed with Eigen. So I am wondering when Eigen can support CUDA. Is there any plan or progress on this?



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