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On 26.10.2014 23:46, Mathieu Dutour wrote:
I have many questions, first of all on the documentation.
1> Is there somewhere a full documentation in .pdf of
the software? That would help quite a lot.

We don't generate that automatically, but with some effort you can generate that using the (existing) doxygen documentation (see below).

2> Related to that, when I do "cmake doc" in the top
directory, I get following error

For cmake you need to create a separate (build) directory, go into that directory, then type

$ cmake {PATH_TO_EIGEN}

afterward, from that build directory you call

$ make doc

This should automatically generate html documentation (the same as available via our homepage). For latex/pdf documentation look into eigen/doc/ for GENERATE_LATEX and set it to YES (and run `make doc` again). This should also solve your 3rd issue.

4> Is it possible to have a matrix whose size naturally grows?
I mean that in the enumration rays are continuously created and
need to be appended to the list (i.e. the matrix). Is it possible
to do that in eigen?

Similar things have been requested from time to time, this was never considered a primary use-case of Eigen (it might come in future versions -- but most likely not yet in 3.3).

You can use the conservativeResize function which keeps the existing elements of your matrix valid, but that is not very efficient (every resizing requires re-allocating and copying of the entire matrix). A (slightly) better idea is to start with a matrix big enough to hold the expected number of elements, then fill it column-by-column (or row-by-row) and address the currently valid elements with
Alternatively, store your data in a std::vector and access it using Eigen::Map.

5> Is there a way to have some number theoretic functions in
eigen? For example finding the integrl nullspace of a matrix?

AFAIK, we don't provide anything at the moment (in fact, all decomposition lead to erroneous results in most cases for integral types). But you can use Eigen for basic integer matrix operations (multiplication and addition, accessing sub-blocks, etc) if that helps you implementing anything in that direction. If someone has a mature enough implementation of higher level integral operations, we can debate about adding it as an unsupported module.


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