[eigen] Eigen3 bug?

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Hey everyone!

I'm new to eigen - basically I did not know of it till I tried to compile Yade (DEM software) that uses eigen3 libs. 

During compilation I got a message saying that 

UF_long, used in something/eigen3/eigen/src/CholmodSupport/CholmodSupport.h, line 79 has not been previously defined - tehrefore the thing did not compile..

As I said, I am new so I don't really know what the library should be doing but I did find it peculiar that a variable would not be defined - the lib does not include other libs - ok maybe it's defined in another system-wide lib but I really couldn't figure out where.

Simple logic, according to the surroundings( if int>::value ... if UF_long>::value ...), led me to change the _expression_ from UF_long tolong. The package magically compiled.

Was this a bug or was UF_long supposed to be there and should have been defined somewhere else?

Btw: the same expressions are found in both the Bitbucket repos, github repos and launchpad repos - though it seems that it was only changed to this while eigne3 was being made - in eigen/eigen i cannot find this expr.

I hope that this helps you guys, or at least helps me clarify what was going on.

Best, Tomaž

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