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Hi all,

Ok, VSX port is finished, 94% of tests pass on little-endian, waiting
to get access to a VSX big endian system to see what -if anything-
needs fixing, and the old port has been also tested to work with the
changes. I did all that work in my own fork and created a pull-request
to the main tree[1], I don't really touch many files other than the the
Altivec/*.h files and to a small extent some other files, but only to
add some VSX-related #ifdefs, etc.

I guess I could approve it myself or just commit the changes, but since
it's a big changeset, I'd prefer to get the ACK from one of the core



PS. Now that it's mostly done, I can start on the NEONv8 port, and I
just found out that MIPS have released MSA (MIPS SIMD Architecture)!
So, I'll be looking to get access to one such board soon :)

[1] https://bitbucket.org/eigen/eigen/pull-request/84

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