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On 29.08.2014 17:55, Thomas Capricelli wrote:

Il 28/08/2014 22:31, Jitse Niesen ha scritto:
Sorry, I should probably have waited for your feedback instead of
jumping the gun and merging it.

No, it's ok, you did well.

static Scalar sqrt_(const Scalar& x) { using std::sqrt; return sqrt(x); }

If Scalar is a custom type like mpreal which is defined in its own
namespace, then this function also looks for sqrt in that namespace (I
think it's called argument-dependent lookup). For standard types there
is no difference.

You mean that

     { using std::sqrt; return sqrt(x); }

will use std::sqrt() only when sqrt(someothertype) is not previously
defined ?

If Scalar is defined in namespace X and X::sqrt exists, it will use X::sqrt, otherwise, or if Scalar is not in any namespace, it will (try to) fall back to std::sqrt (I never, really understood every detail, which rule overrules which; especially, what happens if a conflicting definition exists in global scope.)
wikipedia has an article about ADL (maybe the links show more details):

Regarding the pull-request: Wouldn't it be better to define sqrt once in the Eigen::numext namespace, and always use that? I don't think we should define a sqrt_ function in every module that needs it.


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