Re: [eigen] Dynamic exception specifications are deprecated in C++11 mode and other warnings

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On 23.08.2014 15:28, Nicola Gigante wrote:
The last time I've looked, I've seen some move constructor conditionally
declared in C++11 mode, but now I can't find them. How do you support
move semantics in C++11 mode without testing the language version?

For GCC we do check the value of __cplusplus, but we do not have any C++11 support in the 3.2 branch (that might be the reason, you couldn't find any ...)
Here is were we determine if we have RValue (i.e. 'move') support:

Regarding your original question, we already define some compiler-dependent attributes/declspecs in src/Core/util/Macros.h and I would not object introducing EIGEN_NORETURN and EIGEN_NOTHROW macros (at least in the dev-branch). The 3.2 branch should generally only receive bug-fixes. We could still introduce these macros, but there are generally no plans to make it support C++1x features.


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