Re: [eigen] Addition to Eigen-unsupported Spline module

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On 23.06.2014 16:15, Hauke Heibel wrote:
There is one potential issue which came up when I looked at the code.

The code introduces an Eigen wide "typedef Array<DenseIndex, 1, Dynamic>

This is similar to the typedefs provided by Array.h though only typedefs
for int exist and none for DenseIndex.

I think there will be other places, where arrays of indexes will be useful, most importantly, perhaps, when implementing

At least for bug 329 I think it would be better to allow anything that has a size() and operator[] (both returning any type of integer) implemented, e.g., also allow std::vector and std::array (if available).
The same is true for the in-development Tensor-module.


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