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Tristan Sahel <tristan.sahel@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> https://bitbucket.org/ensigll/eigen/src/eec44b78d44fbb57b0a4f2718ebccee5d6498b3e/Eigen/src/Eigenvalues/
> PowerIteration.h?at=ensigll

A few remarks after a quick look at the code:

Be careful with indentation, you indent with tabs and the rest of eigen
indents with 2 spaces. Look at lines 111 to 113 in your code for
example, the indentation is actually broken.

"bool bugged = false;" within a class is C++11, and Eigen should be
compilable with a c++98 compiler.

Line 94,
	if (bugged)
has no effect at the end of a function.

"10^(nb_changes);" does not do at all what you expect it to do (^ =
bitwise xor).

There are several hardcoded numerical values (10, 1e3) in the code that
should probably go away before the final version.

Matthieu Moy

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