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hi guys , i want to contribute to eigen . can i get beginer's bugs on eigen ? i realy want to work on this project, can you help me out?

On 20 June 2014 13:04, Christoph Hertzberg <chtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 19.06.2014 21:01, Sameer Agarwal wrote:
We are observing some strange slowdown with Eigen on MSVC 2013, and the
source of this seems to be some strange inlining behaviour that is
different between MSVC and Clang.

I'm afraid we don't have many MSVC experts here. If you or Björn are, we'd appreciate any MSVC-specific contribution (such as identifying bugs or performance issues). Even simply running the unit-tests on a regular basis would be appreciated!

See here (page is under development):

That's a bit too little information to see if it's Eigen's or Jet's fault. So just a general advice: Try to reduce the issue to smaller problems and compare what assembly instructions clang vs MSVC generate.
If you find things we can improve on Eigen's side, please notify us!


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