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I talked with Christoph on IRC earlier today about the amount of bugs and other issues on bugzilla. The issue is that the number is growing all the time; there are almost 300 open at the moment.

That in itself is perhaps not that much a problem though a bit overwhelming. The real danger is that important bugs slip through. Especially bad is when users submit a patch and nobody looks at it, which does happen.

What can we do about this?

Why are there so many bugs / issues? Some issues are feature requests that no developer is really interested in. Some are bugs on exotic platforms that no developer has access to. Some bugs need discussion (e.g., bug 662 on input operators).

But the main problem is a lack of manpower; or to put it another way, the library is too big for the number of people working on it. This is compounded by the fact that some parts of the code base (e.g., product, I think) are only really understood by one guy (Gael). So improving the process and the bug tracker will not solve everything.

Christoph suggested that we have an IRC meeting to go through the bugs and discuss them so to prioritize / downgrade / close / delegate. Another suggestion is to enable voting on bugzilla to help us prioritize the issues.

Any other ideas?


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