Re: [eigen] question on mapping of fields to equation systems

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> I also tried having a
> separate vectors for each quantity, but this got really messy very quickly.
> This leads me to the problem, that for every step, I have to calculate the
> respective matrix entries from them, then solve and copy them back. While
> these operation is O(n) while solving is mostly O(n²) or even O(n³), it is
> often a ton actual coding effort required.

I am stuck with this on account of some parallel FFT infrastructure,
and I agree that the packing/unpacking to perform linear algebra is a

> Are there any high-level c++ libraries which are doing just this abstraction
> level, but not directly are full-featured solvers? Which provide a
> convenient data structures to have a bunch of point/elements in space and
> allow you so simplify the mapping to the linear equation system?

I think, but am not 100% certain, that I have seen a PETSc
presentation discussing automated APIs for accomplishing such things.
I'm not good enough with PETSc to dig out the details from their

- Rhys

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