Re: [eigen] Fix for ARM __builtin_prefetch fails

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On 18.11.2013 23:54, Rick Mann wrote:
It seems that the GCC preprocessor chokes because it attempts to evaluate the entire expression.

You may want to #define HAS_BUILTIN_PREFETCH or something as a separate step, but you can't combine the __has_builtin with the defined(__GNUC__).

Ok, so the issue is that __has_builtin(__builtin_prefetch)
is syntactically incorrect if __has_builtin is not defined. That means your patch resolves the issue only for GCC and the fix is to separate the && expression into two preprocessor lines.

Maybe something like this:

#ifdef __has_builtin
#  if __has_builtin(__builtin_prefectch)
#    define EIGEN_ARM_PREFETCH(ADDR) __builtin_prefetch(ADDR)
#  endif

#  ifdef __GNUC__
#    define EIGEN_ARM_PREFETCH(ADDR) __builtin_prefetch(ADDR);
#  elif defined __pld
#    define EIGEN_ARM_PREFETCH(ADDR) __pld(ADDR)
#  elif !defined(__aarch64__)
# define EIGEN_ARM_PREFETCH(ADDR) asm volatile ( " pld [%[addr]]\n" :: [addr] "r" (ADDR) : "cc" );
#  else
   // by default no explicit prefetching
#  endif

Are there ARM compilers known, which are neither LLVM nor GCC and have the __builtin_prefetch defined?


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