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Gael, and other Eigen folks,

> In practice it is well tested on Linux, OSX, Windowss with GCC, clang, ICC
> and MSVC and known to work on many other platforms.

OK I suppose gcc+clang+icc+msvc covers the very large majority of our
target, if not all, so it should be fine.

> Yes, in Eigen we have an explicit policy on keeping both API and ABI
> stability along the 3.x branch. [...] There is currently no plan to
> move to a 4.x branch, so we'll certainly stay with 3.x branch for at
> least two years. If we start a 4.x series, then we'll sure maintain
> the last 3.x version for a few years. [...] I currently cannot
> imagine major API changes, I can only envision minor changes.

Good, this policy makes it quite stable indeed.

> I hope this answer your questions?

Very well. I think it gives good arguments for accepting Eigen in

And I think this info should also mentioned on the Eigen main web
page. In the "Overview", Eigen is said to be versativle, fast,
reliable and elegant. You could probabaly also say that Eigen is
stable, this is important too.

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