[eigen] BDCSVD update

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I continued work on the BDCSVD (bidiagonalizing divide-and-conquer SVD), building on the excellent work of the group of students at ensimag in Grenoble. The basic algorithm is now fully implemented. It took me longer than expected; small mistakes and short-cuts that I took lead to loss of accuracy. However, at the moment all tests pass, it seems accurate on random matrices, and it's faster than JacobiSVD (about a factor of four for a 160-by-160 matrix).

I used the bisection method to solve the nonlinear equation at the heart of the algorithm, which is hardly state-of-the-art. In fact, I think most of the lines of code I added can be improved, so I intend to spend some time optimizing and fine-tuning the BDCSVD class.

Thanks again to Gauthier, Ncolas, Jean and Pierre for their work. Their well-documented code and their report made it easy for me to get started.


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