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I recently need to compute the matrix power and tried to use
functionality provided in the unsupported module.  Some stuff worked,
but I ran in to both segfaults as well as some incorrect results (i
think some sort of aliasing issue, I'm not sure).  I filed a bug
report [0] for the segfaults and if I can come up with a minimal
working example of incorrect results I will file a bug report for that
as well.

That being said, who is the best person to talk to about a) getting
this bug/bugs fixed, and b) getting this functionality into the core
of Eigen.  Gael started a bug report requesting this functionality
[1], but it has been a year and I haven't seen anything.

I haven't looked closely, but I'm guessing that implementing a good
set of tests would be the first step, and then figuring out which ones
don't pass and why.  Would creating tests based on the results of
Matlab output (or perhaps some small handworked examples) be

I'd like to help out on this, I'm not very comfy at all with hg, I'm
fairly comfy with C++ but probably not as comfy with the template side
of things, but am willing to learn.  My IRC nick is DLPeterson, and I
am on #eigen frequently.


[0] -- http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=614
[1] -- http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=465
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