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We have found something that could explain the bug with complexes.
When we do
MatrixType result(upperbid.householderU()* upperbid.bidiagonal().toDenseMatrix() * upperbid.householderV().adjoint()); MatrixType result2(upperbid.householderV()* upperbid.bidiagonal().toDenseMatrix().adjoint() * upperbid.householderU().adjoint())

We would expect result.adjoint() == result2 but we don't. When we print them we have different results. We do not know how to solve it.

We also have difficulties to affect an UpperBidiagonalization householder to a matrix.
The lines
std::cout << UpperBid.houseHolderU() * Identity << std::endl;
MatrixType U = UpperBid.houseHolderU();
std::cout << U * Identity << std::endl;
give two different results (the first one is the one we want).

Since UpperBid.houseHolderU() is an houseHolderU type and not a simple matrix we suppose there might be some particular way to manipulate it although it gives the expected result while we don't try to affect it. What should we do for that?

Team GL27

Jean Ceccato, Pierre Zoppitelli, Gauthier Brun, Nicolas Carre

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