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On 07.02.2013 09:34, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
A more meaningful output could be obtained by putting such
EIGEN_ASM_COMMENT() in Eigen's code itself. For instance, we could put
ASM comments like:

EIGEN_ASM_COMMENT("EIGEN_BEGIN: vectorized inner unrolling")

EIGEN_ASM_COMMENT("EIGEN_BEGIN: scalar linear evaluation")

EIGEN_ASM_COMMENT("EIGEN: temporary creation")


EIGEN_ASM_COMMENT("EIGEN_BEGIN: vectorized unrolled reduction")

That would be a nice idea, though obviously we should make this configurable (maybe to different levels) and disable it by default. Unfortunately, asm comments sometimes have influence on the generated code because they can prohibit some optimizations such as permutation of instructions.


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