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I'm having trouble compiling eigen code to do a solve with two lower
triangular matrices. That is I want L1^{-1} * L2 where L1 and L2 both
come from LLT objects by way of matrixL(). Here is my class and

class Covariance_comp : public LLT<MatrixXf> {
    float variance;

    Covariance_comp( const MatrixXf &pdmat, float var) : LLT<MatrixXf>
(pdmat), variance( var ) {}

    float update_fixedpt( const Covariance_comp &total_cov, VectorXf resids ) {
	float numer = (this->matrixU() *
	cout << "numer = " << numer << endl;
        // This next line is the problem:
	float denom = total_cov.matrixL().solve(this->matrixL()).array().square().sum();
	cout << "denom = " << denom << endl;
	variance *= numer / denom;
	return variance;

The problem comes in the line float denom = .... with g++ complaining
about the solve:

error: no matching function for call to ‘Eigen::TriangularView<const
Eigen::Matrix<float, -0x00000000000000001, -0x00000000000000001, 0,
-0x00000000000000001, -0x00000000000000001>, 1u>::solve(const
Eigen::TriangularView<const Eigen::Matrix<float, -0x00000000000000001,
-0x00000000000000001, 0, -0x00000000000000001, -0x00000000000000001>,
1u>) const’

I don't understand the problem. Both total_cov and this are
essentially LLT objects. Is the problem using this->matrixL() as the
argument to solve? What is the best way to do this that takes
advantage of the triangular nature of the matrices? This is using
eigen 3.1.2.


Mark A

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