Re: [eigen] Eigen 3.1.1 and LGPL components

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This is finally fixed: 405ece2a6429 for the default branch, and
11b65f0601c4 for the 3.1 branch.

Indeed, I have checked that all the LGPL files, as found by

  find . -type f | grep -v \\.hg | xargs grep 'GNU Lesser' | cut -d ':' -f 1

are using either LGPL 2.1 only (so the current LGPL3 text did not even
cover them!) or LGPL 2.1-or-later.


2012/8/28 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Thanks for the heads up.
> Any remaining LGPL code in the Eigen tree is third-party code whose
> licensing is not decided by us.
> So the presence of the LGPL3 text only in the top-level directory is
> only a remnant from the pre-MPL2 days, as you guessed.
> This will be corrected shortly by adding a copy of the LGPL 2.1.
> Benoit
> 2012/8/28 Clifford Yapp <cliffyapp@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> I had a question about the LGPL components of Eigen 3.1.1 -
>> Looking at the remaining LGPL code in Eigen, it all appears to use the
>> LGPL 2.1 or later version of the LGPL.  Yet, the toplevel copy of the
>> LGPL (well, OK, GPL + LGPL, thanks to that dual-file approach to the
>> new version) is LGPL v3.
>> For my purposes, the LGPLv2+ is a workable license, but the LGPLv3 is
>> not (long story...)  - is the intent of the Eigen licensing to
>> constrain users of the LGPL components of Eigen to the LGPLv3 or
>> newer?  Or (now that the MPL2 relicensing is complete and the
>> remaining LGPL code is LGPLv2+) would it be acceptable to regard the
>> LGPL components of Eigen as being distributed as LGPLv2+?
>> I'm really hoping that the LGPLv3 license files in the toplevel are a
>> holdover from pre-MPL2 days and LGPLv2+ will be workable, since there
>> don't seem to be any LGPLv3 specific constraints other than the
>> decision of the Eigen developers themselves...
>> Thanks,
>> CY

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