Re: [eigen] Contributor approval for the MPL2 relicensing (YOUR ACTION NEEDED)

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2012/7/29 Michael Olbrich <michael.olbrich@xxxxxxx>

Yes, I agree to have all the code that I contributed to Eigen
relicensed to the MPL2 license.

Michael Olbrich

PS: You might want to ask the remaining people directly. I had actually
forgotten that I ever contributed anything. I just came across my name in
the status list while catching up on some older ML mails.

Thanks Michael. Your contributions were few, but very helpful. I have already contacted by email everyone who had at least 3 csets in the repo, and we have received agreement from all of them. I decided to stop there as that seemed enough to me, though your case is interesting as even though you have only 2 csets in the repo, they are particularly significant.


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