[eigen] Date for the actual relicensing: Wednesday?

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Can we agree to do the actual relicensing on Wednesday this week?

This means that:

 1.we will arbitrarily decide that we have enough contributor
agreements and ignore the remaining ones. In fact, I believe that we
have enough already: with the only exception of Ken Riddile, all other
missing contributors have contributed at most 2 patches each.

 2. we will have to deal with 3rdparty LGPL code for which we do not
have agreement to relicense. IIUC (Gael is tracking this) currently
that's 2 pieces used in the Sparse module. Maybe we should have a
EIGEN_MPL2_ONLY option. Up to Gael.

 3. we need to have the relicensing scripts (replacing license headers
while keeping copyright lines) ready. Keir are you taking care of


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