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On 02.07.2012 17:41, Brad Bell wrote:
I want to an object both as a matrix and as a vector, so I am
constructing the object using
     Matrix<double, Dynamic, Dynamic> object(m*n, 1);
and then plan to do an
     object. conservativeResize(m, n)
before using it as a matrix. The problem is that the bracket operator
does not seem to work when object is a vector (and the software I am
using access vectors this way).

operator[] intentionally only works if the expression is known to be a vector at compile time. A reason for that is to avoid silly bugs such as
	object[1,2] which is legal C++ for object[2].

Is there a reason, you need Matrix and Vector to have the same type?
If you just want to share their memory, you can construct a Map to
	MatrixXd object(m,n);
	// Vector Expression:
	VectorXd::Map(, object.size())


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