Re: [eigen] Eigen Types as Parameters for Functions

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>> That's the solution I wanted to suggest. I proposed to pass the Ref<>
>> objects by value mostly because it looks better for writable
>> arguments. Having a "const Ref<VectorXf>&" writable is a bit
>> dangerous. But if we agree that copy-back is a no go, then the
>> internal m_object will exists only for const version so one could pass
>> by a const reference for const arguments, and by value for writable
>> ones.
> Yes, sounds like a plan. This should cause no overhead if the m_object is
> not required, just some temporary stack space.
> Furthermore, this can then be used for (fixed size) aligned references as
> well, copying the expression, iff it is not aligned at compile-time.

Since we are fine-tuning the expected behavior, I wonder whether we
should allow implicit evaluation for inputs having "direct-access".
Let's consider a function foo1 taking a "const Ref<const VectorXf>&"
as argument. It is expected that the following calls yield an
evaluation into a temporary:


However, when the input argument references an object with storage, an
implicit evaluation might be surprising as in the following cases:


If we forbid such cases, in practice this means the user will have to
explicitly call .eval() in such cases. This behavior would also be
coherent with the non-const version for which 1) the input argument
has by construction "direct-acces", and 2) we already stated that
implicit evaluation into a temp would be too risky.

On the other hand, if we do so, I already see users coming back to us
with statements as "foo(1*A.row(i)) compiles but foo(A.row()) does
not, wtf?". So I'm a bit puzzled here.


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