[eigen] Warnings in NumericalDiff and MKL modules

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Hopefully this is not too late for 3.1.0, but in icpc, I get the following warning (not sure why, since I don't use the NumericalDiff module)

include/unsupported/Eigen/src/NumericalDiff/NumericalDiff.h(66): warning #488: template parameter "T2" is not used in declaring the parameter types of function template "Eigen::NumericalDiff<_Functor, mode>::NumericalDiff<T0,T1,T2>(const T0 &, const T1 &, const T1 &)"
      template<typename T0, typename T1, typename T2>

Here is the relevant code from NumericalDiff.h, line 68.  I suspect that there needs to be a change from const T1& a2 to const T2& a2.

  template<typename T0, typename T1, typename T2>
        NumericalDiff(const T0& a0, const T1& a1, const T1& a2) : Functor(a0, a1, a2), epsfcn(0) {}

I also get the following warnings when I include MKL support.  I haven't had a chance to debug, but since the release date is so close, I wanted to let you know.

/include/Eigen/src/Eigenvalues/RealSchur_MKL.h(74): warning #592: variable "select" is used before its value is set
  EIGEN_MKL_SCHUR_REAL(double,   double, d, D, ColMajor, LAPACK_COL_MAJOR)

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