[eigen] Eigen 3.0.5 Could NOT find FFTW (missing: FFTW_INCLUDES)

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Hi, to whom it may concern:

Eigen seems to be always problematic under Windows.
I'm trying to use the released version 3.0.5 . However, when I tried to configure Eigen using CMake 2.8.7 GUI under Window7 (32bit),
it's weird there is no "FFTW_INCLUDES" for me to specify,.

Therefore, I add a new entry  "FFTW_INCLUDES" manually, I still get the following error message

Could NOT find FFTW (missing: FFTW_INCLUDES) 

Then, I did a full search under the folder "eigen"

C:\packages\eigen>grep -r "FFTW_INCLUDES" ./*
./build/CMakeCache..txt://ADVANCED property for variable: FFTW_INCLUDES
./cmake/FindFFTW.cmake:                                  FFTW_INCLUDES FFTW_LIBR
./cmake/FindFFTW.cmake:mark_as_advanced(FFTW_INCLUDES FFTW_LIBRARIES)

This doesn't make sense to me. Why is it so?
How can I enable FFTW in eigen 3.0.5 under Windows then? 
Does that mean eigen will never support FFTW ever since?

When will eigen not be a pain for me ?
Every time when dealing with eigen under Windows, it's almost a nightmare....

Hope somebody may give me a hand.
Thank you very much.

Best Regards




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