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I think Eigen could be presented in the science track of this
conference. Added bonus, RMML confs are more friendly and relaxed
than academic events.

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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2012 15:13:50 +0000
From: Georges Khaznadar <georges.khaznadar@xxxxxxx>
To: Sciences/Education RMLL 2012 <sciences-education@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Libre Software Meeting, RMLL 2012
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Hello, you have been in contact last year with the organizers of RMLL 2011
in Strasburg (France). This year the even RMLL 2012 is organized in
Geneva (Switzerland). Current informations can be read at 

If you want to give a communication there, please consider the application
form at http://call.rmll.info

The deadline for submissions is the 31st March.

Best regards,                   Georges.


Bonjour, nous avons été en contact l'an dernier à propos des RMLL 2011,
qui étaient organisées à Strasbourg. Cette année, les RMLL 2012 auront lieu
à Genève (Suisse).

Voyez les informations à jour sur http://2012.rmll.info

Si vous souhaitez y proposer une communication, merci de remplir le formulaire
disponible à http://call.rmll.info

La date limite pour les propositions est le 31 mars.

Amitiés,                        Georges.

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