Re: [eigen] Important: Relicensing Eigen to MPL2

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On Mon, 16 Jan 2012, Benoit Jacob wrote:

1. Would you agree to a MPL2 relicensing of the code you've
contributed to Eigen?


2. Would you personally consider such a MPL2 relicensing of Eigen a
good or a bad thing?

b) Somewhat of a good thing

My main hesitation is that it is a very new licence.

3. Which of the following courses of action would you consider the
best choice for Eigen?

b) Relicense to MPL2

Nobody has spoken out against having a more liberal license than the current one. While many people (including myself) would personally prefer something BSD-like, there is also opposition against it so it looks like BSD/MIT is a step too far at the moment. Thus, something in between the current (L)GPL licence and BSD/MIT seems the best choice at the moment.


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