Re: [eigen] Re: Important: Relicensing Eigen to MPL2

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On 01/15/2012 07:08 PM, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> Some more precisions (hit send too fast):
> * Eigen currently contains some BSD-licensed code, like the Intel MKL
> backend. This can stay BSD-licensed. Likewise, if you feel strongly
> that you would prefer to contribute code under BSD license over MPL2
> license, this can be discussed on a case by case basis but it's safe
> to say that for self-contained parts, this should be OK.
> * Eigen currently contains some LGPL-licensed third-party code, in
> self-contained parts, like sparse solvers. This would have to remain
> LGPL, but being self-contained makes it not a big issue. It will just
> be a bit annoying to have to document this pitfall; if this becomes
> too big of an annoyance, we could always contact the authors and ask
> for permission to relicense their code.
> * Eigen can interact with GPL-licensed code like FFTW. Our
> understanding of the MPL2 license is that this is a non-issue: it
> would simply be the responsibility of the user to ensure that they
> comply with both the MPL2 and the GPL, if they use Eigen jointly with
> GPL-licensed libraries.

The last point is a bit worrisome. What would be a good mechanism to inform the user about which parts of Eigen should
(s)he use and which not, if (s)he does have licensing constraints (i.e., cannot use GPL code)?


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