[eigen] Providing non-tag downloads over BitBucket

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Hi there,

I package eigen on FreeBSD, and it has been reported that the current
SHA256 sum of the 2.0.16 tarball provided by our port does not match the
one from the actual download from BitBucket. Since we check the
checksums before publishing an update, this means the tarball has
changed since it was first published.

Comparing FreeBSD's own copy of the 2.0.16 tarball [1] with the one
currently being provided by BitBucket [2], it looks like only the
tarball name (and the directory inside it) have changed from
eigen-eigen-2.0.16 to eigen-eigen-<hash of the commit which the tag
points to>. diff shows no difference in the actual contents.

As a packager, I would appreciate if Eigen started providing
"real" download tarballs in the Downloads section in BitBucket (like
other projects do) to prevent this kind of issue -- I guess tarballs
which are not created automatically do not risk being changed by

and other mirrors
[2] https://bitbucket.org/eigen/eigen/get/2.0.16.tar.bz2

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