[eigen] 3.1.0-alpha1 released!

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Eigen 3.1.0-alpha1 is released.

The source archive is at:

This alpha version of the future 3.1 finally brings to live a set of
official sparse modules for the representation, assembly, and solving
of sparse problems. A quick overview can be found in the manual
(http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/dox-devel/TutorialSparse.html) while the
changelog contains some details on the main differences with the
unstable 3.0 sparse modules

This alpha release also features closed-form algorithms for small
eigenvalue problems, Cholesky updates/downdates, new coefficient-wise
and vector-wise operators, as well as some performance and memory
optimizations (for reductions and JacobiSVD respectively).

Complete changelog:


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