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On 17.12.2011 04:38, Rhys Ulerich wrote:
I assume you compiled with -DNDEBUG or something similar?
IIRC operator() with single argument should only be used for
single-dimensional matrices (i.e. vectors).

Actually (question to Gael/Benoit): Shouldn't there be a compile-time
check/static assertion for operator(), making it work only on matrices which
are known at compile-time to have (at least) one dimension fixed to 1?

Or is operator()(int) supposed to mime the MATLAB behavior of mat(i) now
(i.e. viewing the matrix data as a vector)?

The docs mention that operator()(Index) is available when
LinearAccessBit is set

Ok, good to know. I'm pretty sure though it was prohibited once (or LinearAccessBit was not set by default) and I never tried it recently.


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