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Last night when I thought Eigen couldn't handle complex SVD (based on apparently outdated comments in SVD and JacobiSvd.h), I held my nose and cra**ed out some C++ code to use LAPACK's CGESDD function for complex<float> SVD. The lapack routines are all in Fortran with no C/C++ declarations and thus have some ugly calling conventions

extern "C" {
typedef void* fcomplex_ptr;
void cgesdd_( const char* jobz, const int* m,const int* n, fcomplex_ptr a, const int* lda, float* s, fcomplex_ptr u,const int* ldu, fcomplex_ptr vt,const int* ldvt, fcomplex_ptr work, const int* lwork, float* rwork, int* iwork, int* info );
#define cgesdd cgesdd_
.... lots of initialization ...
cgesdd( "S", &m, &n, &_a[0], &lda, &_s[0], &_u[0], &ldu, &_vt[0], &ldvt, &_work[0], &lwork, &_rwork[0], &_iwork[0], &info );

The Good News:

This morning I saw Gael's note and was overjoyed that I could ditch the ugly code in favor of much more elegant Eigen code:

_svd = JacobiSVD<typename MatType::PlainObject>(_rows,_cols,ComputeThinU|ComputeThinV);
        memcpy(,,inblock.bytes() );
        _singVals = _svd.singularValues();

The Bad News:

The elegant code consistently runs much slower than LAPACK. :(
E.g. ~5x longer to do a 128x1000 complex<float> SVD (see system details below)

Both are computing full set of singular values and the thinned subset of the left&right singular vectors -- (This is the "S" argument for cgesdd; ComputeThinU|ComputeThinV for JacobiSvd) .

Both are initialized outside the loop and then called several times. (calling cgesdd with lwork=-1 to find size, reusing JacobiSvd object )

I double checked that Eigen is using SIMD ( i.e. lots of code in the assembly like 'mulps %xmm7,%xmm6')

EIGEN_NO_DEBUG is defined

Is there anything else I could be doing wrong that would cause such a big speed gap?

-- Mark

System details:
ubuntu 11.10 x86_64
Core i7 CPU       Q 820  @ 1.73GHz
g++ 4.6.1
eigen 3.0.3
liblapack-dev    3.3.1-1

On 12/20/2011 02:45 AM, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
JacobiSVD does work for complex matrices.


On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 3:08 AM, Mark Borgerding<mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Is there an SVD decomposition for complex matrices?

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