Re: [eigen] CholmodSupport.h in Eigen 3.1 alpha returns a mapped matrix then frees the storage being mapped.

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On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 6:43 PM, Christoph Hertzberg
<chtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 07.12.2011 00:00, Douglas Bates wrote:
>> I mentioned this once before but did not get around to creating an
>> test case to show the problem.  In CholmodSupport.h the internal
>> _solve functions assign a mapped dense or sparse matrix to the dest
>> reference and then free the storage that is mapped.
>> For example, in the dense case the _solve function ends with
>>       dest =
>> Matrix<Scalar,Dest::RowsAtCompileTime,Dest::ColsAtCompileTime>::Map(reinterpret_cast<Scalar*>(x_cd->x),b.rows(),b.cols());
>>       cholmod_free_dense(&x_cd,&m_cholmod);
> Yes, but that means the values of x_cd are copied to dest -- even if dest is
> also a Map-type, operator= copies everything by value. This is not optimal,
> but I don't see a critical problem with that. Though, maybe I'm missing
> something?

Thank you, Christoph.  I should have realized that.

>> One of the side-effects of cholmod_free_dense is to free the storage
>> to which x_cd->x points.
>> I think that the tests in eigen/unsupported/test/sparse_llt.cpp pass
>> because the value is tested immediately and the freed storage has not
>> been overwritten.
>> I'm not exactly sure how to create a test case to show the problem.
>> By default Cholmod uses malloc/free for dynamic storage and I'm not
>> sure how this interacts with the C++ dynamic storage allocation for
>> objects.  I would like to ensure that the freed chunk of storage
>> pointed to by x_cd->x is overwritten after the result has been
>> returned but that involves knowing more about malloc, etc. than I do.
> The easiest way to test is to run the test with valgrind (assuming you run
> linux), which would give you (at least) a warning as soon as freed memory is
> accessed.

Yes.  Again, I should have realized that.  Sorry for the noise.

> You could also modify the _solve-function and overwrite the values in
> x_cd->x immediately before cholmod_free_dense is called.

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