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I can't tell anything on the status of the modules in question, but you can find the Header files you mentioned within the unsupported directory of Eigen. Hence, you need to either add that directory to your include path or write #include <unsupported/Eigen/CholmodSupport>, #include <unsupported/Eigen/UmfPackSupport> etc... maybe that helps you getting further with the Tutorials.

Best regards, Michael

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Hi all,

Anyone knows the current status of the LLT Cholesky decomposition for sparse matrices in Eigen?
And what about the support for CHOLMOD?

I know they are unsupported modules, but directly trying the proposed code in tutorials [1] leads to errors and, in fact, some headers seem to have disappeared at some point ( <Eigen/CholmodSupport>, #include <Eigen/UmfPackSupport>, ...). Any help will be welcome.

Jose Luis


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