Re: [eigen] New release?

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> Everybody, please run the tests as described on
> Do also run the Eigen2 tests by setting the cmake variable
> EIGEN_TEST_EIGEN2 to on as this went wrong with the previous release.

With EIGEN_TEST_EIGEN2=1 the 3.0 branch (4259:01d81e17e78a) fails
'make check' with a compilation error for both Intel 11.1 and Intel
10.1.  The errors start like the following for both compilers...

[ 59%] Building CXX object

error: namespace "Eigen::internal" has no member "copy_bool"
  { eigen_assert(false && "packet integer division are not supported by SSE");

error: namespace "Eigen::internal" has no member "copy_bool"

Would y'all like me to roll up the details into a formal bug?

- Rhys

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