[eigen] Problems compiling 3.0.2 tests on VS2008

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Dear all,


I just tried to compile the Eigen-Tests for the 3.0.2 tag and I got compilation errors for about 100 out of the ~550 tests. I didn’t read all of them, but at least the majority seems to be related to the use of min/max macros, like this one:


14>..\..\eigen3.0\test\sparse_basic.cpp(36) : error C2039: 'please_protect_your_max_with_parentheses' : is not a member of 'std'

14>        ..\..\eigen3.0\test\sparse_basic.cpp(277) : see reference to function template instantiation 'void sparse_basic<Eigen::SparseMatrix<_Scalar>>(const SparseMatrixType &)' being compiled

14>        with

14>        [

14>            _Scalar=std::complex<double>,

14>            SparseMatrixType=Eigen::SparseMatrix<std::complex<double>>

14>        ]

14>..\..\eigen3.0\test\sparse_basic.cpp(36) : error C2065: 'please_protect_your_max_with_parentheses' : undeclared identifier


As far as I can see, these errors are fixed in the tip version already (e.g. in the aforementioned sparse_basic.cpp) but NOT in the 3.0.2 branch. Is it possible that there was some kind of an incomplete merge to the 3.0 branch? I’m not very familiar with Mercurial yet, so I have some difficulties follow all the commits/merges…


Best regards, Michael

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